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I've been reading David Farland's, Million Dollar Outlines and I must tell you that so far it's a close second to Orson Scott Card's Characters and Viewpoint in terms of usefulness. One of the big...

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The Waiting Game (VP 2011/ Uncle Orson’s)

My Applications are in.

Last year I went to two Algonkian conferences and got a good idea as to coming up with ideas that are marketable.

This year, I decided I really need some more craft/ critiquing conferences. I have applied to Viable Paradise and Uncle Orson’s Literary Bootcamp.

I still have about three weeks to hear back from VP, however, the deadline for Uncle Orson’s is tomorrow and they say they get back to people in the following week. Let me tell you, the wait is killing me. I am currently hard at work on another edit of “The Sins of the Wolf.” and then I am going to work on my short story I started for Uncle Orson’s. I’ll be posting here immediately with any acceptances or rejections I receive.

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