Stagnant Villians

I've been reading David Farland's, Million Dollar Outlines and I must tell you that so far it's a close second to Orson Scott Card's Characters and Viewpoint in terms of usefulness. One of the big...

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R.I.P. K.D. Wentworth

Her Obituary was posted today. Although I had never met her, I did receive a critique for my Q4 v28 entry, Synthetic Soldier. It’s a pity that I’ll never get to meet her in person. I hope her passing was …

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Today Emma will be getting me 2-3 piece’s D’art for Comic Con. Just called around and found a place to have them printed large, laminated and framed. Things are coming together. Today we should be getting the tablecloth, the business …

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Less than two weeks to Superstars

I’ve joined Superstars on facebook and I’m really looking forward to this conference. Any excuse to meet new friends is good, but writer friends are even better. People to share experiences, ideas and critiques. Also, Vegas without kids will be …

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Joined a new writing group.

Unfortunately after a little over a year, I decided to disband my own writing group, Rockingham Writers. It served its purpose of putting me in contact with fellow writers. It more than served its purpose by getting me in touch …

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X61 – Tablets for drawing

So, I was searching for cheap used toys on craigslist last week and came across a local company selling a lot of x61′s and x60′s. Turns out they are a refurbisher located in Lawrence, MA. Doing some quick research, I …

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Superstars Writing Seminar

I’ve signed up for Superstars Writing Seminar in Vegas this April/ May. This will be my second real conference, the first being Uncle Orson’s. It looks like a wonderful opportunity to meet some of the big names of writing and …

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Graveyard Shift Press on Facebook

We have a facebook page! Please come visit: The Graveyard Shift Press, LLC.

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Visit Graveyard Shift Press, LLC on Facebook

I’ve just created a Facebook page for Graveyard Shift, LLC. Please come along and like us! Follow us for upcoming announcements for: Last Soldier Ebook (Short story) Last Soldier Graphic Novel (Ebook and Print) Upcoming Appearances at Comic Con in …

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And Complete!

Just finished the script. Sent it off to my illustrator. Eagerly awaiting Wednesday to go over it. Now onto my WOTF Q2 entry and my next script. One thing I discovered writing the script is that it really helps me …

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Script almost complete

I’m in the final scenes of my script. These are the harder ones to put together as they need a rewrite. Emma pointed out to me that the end came too quickly. This is something that I wish someone had …

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