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I've been reading David Farland's, Million Dollar Outlines and I must tell you that so far it's a close second to Orson Scott Card's Characters and Viewpoint in terms of usefulness. One of the big...

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I’ve been reading David Farland’s, Million Dollar Outlines and I must tell you that so far it’s a close second to Orson Scott Card’s Characters and Viewpoint in terms of usefulness. One of the big take-aways I got was that …

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I highly recommend this podcast: Farland’s Authors’ Advisory Calls The latest entry is an interview with David Farland, himself regarding short stories. For those not in the know, David Farland is the Coordinating judge for Writers of the Future and …

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This morning I woke at 5:30 and checked outside. It didn’t look too pleasant so I skipped the morning walk. I’m beginning to regret my decision to work first and play later as the rest of the week is not …

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Of course no writing workshop worth its salt would be without some work towards making us better writers. With that last night we were handed our folders, individually tailored by the sage, James MacDonald. When the message boards were abuzz …

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Viable Paradise XVI Background

Last year I had applied to both Uncle Orson’s Literary Bootcamp and Viable paradise. I had attended a somewhat questionable series of workshops previously and felt I had something to offer in my novel I had undertaken. For Uncle Orson’s …


Viable Paradise XVI Trip over – Sunday

JJ came home from daycare on Friday running a fever. Friday night he did very well, but Saturday night he had a very restless night. The drive down was interesting. I saw a coyote in the median along Rt 3. …


Superstars Writing 2012 – Monday

I met with fellow conference goers last night for a dinner at the Grotto. Had to call it a night after that. Still getting used to the time change. Today we learned that making money as a writer is actually …


SuperStars of Writing 2012 – Sunday

I’m currently crusing along at hundreds of miles an hour at about 35,000 feet on my way from NH to Vegas. My seat is a little scrunchy as although I have lost a lot of weight over the years, someone …


Boston Comic Con

Our Boston Comic Con 2012 Flyer for Synthetic Soldier

Emma (my illustrator) and I attended Boston Comic Con 2012 last weekend. We were pitching our graphic novel based upon my Q4 v28 WOTF semi-finalist story, Synthetic Soldier. We had an incredible time. Please check out or Facebook Page and …



Emma sent me the artwork yesterday for our Boston Comic Con posters. I dropped them off this morning at Kinkos and we’ll have them two PM this afternoon. Please stop by and visit if you are attending. We will be …

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